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Dropsies and weirdness

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay. Things have been flying out of my hands left and right the past three days. It’s been alternately annoying and hilarious, especially at work. Whipped cream down the pant leg, mocha up the sleeve, spring-loaded syrup pump spout shot high into the air… Madness! When I left work yesterday, my coworkers advised me not to try to carry the turkey. “Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m bringing bread to dinner, and bread bounces.” While getting ready for work this morning, my hairbrush threw itself at the shower, and my makeup compact tried to dash out the door. I just shook my head and knew it was going to be another drop-intensive day.

Weird work moment from yesterday: a female customer told me that I look like Chelsea Clinton. That’s a new one! I forced a polite smile, thinking about how most people say nasty things about Chelsea’s appearance, and I think the woman realized what was running through my head. “I mean that as a compliment!” she said. Hmm.

Weird work moment from today: a diabetic girl about my age ordered a drink sugar-free and was commenting on how baristas around here find her request strange. She said that no one back in Columbus had an issue with it. “Columbus, Ohio?!” I asked. She said yes. I told her that I’m from Columbus, too. We both started getting really animated at this point. She told me that she’s met some Portlanders originally from places like Steubenville and Youngstown (and she slammed Youngstown beautifully), but no one from Columbus. I asked her how long she’s been in Portland. “Two months.” Then I (practically) yelled, “ME, TOO!” We chatted some more, and she told me about her current icky situation (hey, I’ve got a few of those myself!). We high-fived for Columbus and she mentioned that she gets her coffee there pretty often, and I said, “Yaaay! Pleeease come back!” Too weird…and too awesome.

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