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I wish I had something upbeat to blog about right now, but the rough patch I’ve been going through just doesn’t really seem to want to let up. Imagine some moderately disappointing events that could’ve happened to me in the past few days, and they probably have.

  • Runnerboy? Gone with no warning (again), more annoying than anything after things seemed pretty good New Year’s Eve through last week.
  • New downstairs neighbors? They’re smokers with nasty morning coughs who apparently move furniture in the middle of the night just for the thrill of it.
  • Dentist appointment? Can’t get scheduled because my company’s benefits department didn’t submit my paperwork to my insurance company.
  • Cat? Can’t afford one yet.
  • Couch? Can’t afford one yet.
  • Bed? For some reason I haven’t been sleeping in it, choosing to sleep on the floor of my living room instead.
  • My quest for Oregon license plates? At a standstill, because my car title is buried somewhere at my parents’ house, and: 1) they have no vested interest in finding the title with any kind of speed, and 2) they’re pissed off at me. (3 weeks ’til my car registration expires! Oh boy!)
  • My quest for an Oregon driver’s license? Flubbed, thanks to my horrendous inability to regulate my emotions and the anxiety attack that arrived upon the realization that I was going to have to try to retrieve my car title from my parents.

I’ve been feeling like a delicate little flower lately, very emotionally raw, and I’ve been forcing a smile and pretty much not talking for fear of bursting into tears over nothing. (Meaning that “nothing” will trigger the tears that “something” warrants.) Here’s something good, though: for the first time in nearly 6 years, I have real internet at home! I figured out how to set it up myself last night, and had to re-set it up this evening after the Comcast guy on the phone who was supposed to cancel my installation appointment cancelled my subscription instead. (He also set my bill up so that I’m being charged the non-promo rate even though I specified the rate I subscribed at, but I’ll deal with that another day.) So maybe I’ll attempt to distract myself by finally prettying this blog up a bit. Maybe.

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