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At Jam Fest 2012, one of the guys casually mentioned that he’s pretty sure that he was Russian in a past life, due to his inexplicable gravitation toward Russian culture. I laughed, as I’ve been known to joke about my possible past lives…but this guy was dead serious. Did you know that Masons/Rosicrucians believe in past lives? How did I miss that in my academic travels through religions? I kind of felt like a jerk, but mostly I felt more like running to the library to get some books on the topics.

Speaking of past lives, if karma follows you through all of your lives, I have to say I’m convinced that I was one real a$$hole in a past life. I don’t know how else to explain this relentless bad luck.

I think I need a mental health year.

  1. January 27, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    i believe in last lives FOR SURE!! you have a soul, it goes to heaven, God tells it to come back and do another mission. makes perfect sense. plus that would describe my reoccuring dream i used to have as a child about living in a yellow farm house. i can still hear the squeaky back screen door!!! [this was a place i have never to this day seen in this life].

    plus there’s been stuff on TV i’ve seen that is too hard NOT to believe! that 2 yr old kid who was a WWII pilot; there is stuff he knew that there was NO WAY he’d know other-wise! and yes i believe everything i see on tv. 😉

    however, i doubt karma follows us through. 🙂 hope your luck improves!!!! i think it will with the coming of spring!! especially starting on groundhogs day. 😉

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