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Things I have been sensitive about in the last couple of weeks

    • After a quasi-philosophical lunch discussion with two of my favorite coworkers, the one who’s a Rosicrucian and believes he was Russian in a past life loaned me the book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. I asked him what he thought about karma, if it follows you from life to life, and said that he believes it does. Then he said, “I’d probably get in trouble for saying this at work, but I think that people who are abused in this life were abusive in a past life.” What a comforting thought. I felt my face flush, and I don’t remember how I responded. Most likely with a “Hmm…yeah” and the hope that he didn’t read too much into my reaction. (I’m having a hard time getting through the book, by the way. For some reason, as I read it, I just start crying. I’ve been needing to cry for a while now, but usually can’t…unless I read a few pages of that book. I think one of the main things it’s triggering is the unexpressed grief I have over my grandpa’s passing three years ago.)
    • Another favorite coworker (okay, I have a lot of favorite coworkers) was talking about one of his dogs the next day and how it had been abused by a previous owner. With a look of resignation, he said something to the effect of, “With a dog like that, you know they’re just never going to be quite right.” (On a related note, Runnerboy once told me he’d never adopt an abused dog. The guy in my therapy group told me to dump him right then and there, that I shouldn’t waste my time with someone who thought that way. WISE WORDS.)
    • When saying goodbye to one of the (60-something year old male) employees I met at another plant site, as we shook hands, he winked at me. Ick.
    • When working on the production floor on Friday, I caught one of the union guys staring at me for a bit too long. I hate the fact that I’m hyper-vigilant about this sort of stuff.
    • When driving down the highway to my soccer game this past weekend, while wearing my super-sexy 18-year-old Umbros, a truck driver honked his horn as I passed him. It’s been years since I’ve gotten the truck-driver-honk, but it still makes me feel gross.


  1. March 14, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    ugh. you have every right to be sensitive about every single thing on that list.

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