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One of the worst parts…

“What we are taught when it comes to rape, over and over and over again, is that ‘No means no.’ And, of course, that’s true. But what so many people don’t seem to understand is that there are many shades of gray when it comes to rape, that it can be confusing. That doubt, that constant need to defend and reaffirm my experience even just to myself, is one of the worst parts of my recovery.”  (See Unbreakable.)

Hey, it’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

I suppose it’s appropriate then that I’m struggling with an overwhelming amount of doubt. As an analytical nerd, I think it would be interesting to wear my running heart rate monitor when I’m not running and see what happens as my thoughts drift all over the place (and occasionally settle into memories of the traumatic events I’ve been trying to work through over the past year or so). I’m very thankful for my snuggle-bunny cat these days — he certainly makes it easier to fall asleep at night, and when I wake up in the middle of the night, upset over the dreams I’ve been having, he makes sure to snuggle in closely to comfort me. Everyone should be so lucky!

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