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As usual, I’ve had lots of stuff swirling around my head these past few weeks, but I’ve been down for the count with a hodgepodge of ailments, the summation of which equals extreme exhaustion. (Warning: I think this is going to turn into a complaint-heavy post.) In my first 48 hours staying home from work, I’d guess that I was awake for maybe nine or ten hours total. In my neverending quest to multitask with the best of them, I wanted to be productive while at home. This week, I’m back at work and not productive there either. I’m still too fatigued and in a fair amount of pain, but I feel like a schmuck for staying home when I don’t have a big, nasty, respectable illness. Today I mostly felt like curling into a ball to sleep and cry. I’m a wimp when it comes to having a sore throat (I suspect the wimpiness is the result of having strep throat and tonsillitis all the time as a kid), and I’ve had a sore throat for nearly three weeks now. Mehhh. The weather is beautiful, but going for a run or walk is scary because of the pollen, my coughing fits, and my back spasms (thanks to those coughing fits). But I need to get outside and move around, because today I was ready to crawl out of my skin, I was so agitated. I had very detailed, intriguing dreams last night, and I wanted to sit with them a while longer. And I’m going to continue to ramble if I don’t call it a day and snuggle with this sweet cat of mine. Good night!

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