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Nothing to see here

Well! It’s been a couple of weeks now. A blurry, tired couple of weeks.

A summary of events, in list form:

  • Frank had to go to the vet for an itchy bottom. I expected an anal gland issue. It ended up being constipation. The vet bill was stupidly expensive, of course, but I’m okay with paying someone else to give my cat an enema. I also had the vet check his eye that has teared off and on since I adopted him. I expected a blocked tear duct. It ended up being mild conjunctivitis. VET, I KNOW NOTHING. I had to stick ointment in Frank’s eye twice a day, and after the first application, he was walking around with a half-closed eye, behaving as though his eye hurt. After a couple days of that, I called the vet and was like, “Why are you trying to hurt my sweet kitty with your evil eye ointment?” and she said, “Let’s wait a few more days, as long as he’s still playing and eating like normal.” So I held Frank over the bathroom sink and flushed his eye with water, and you know what? His eye is back to normal. (Normal being occasionally teary.) VET, I DOUBT YOUR EXPERTISE.
  • My sister finally got engaged. There are no additional details. I cannot accurately express how glad I am to be thousands of miles away from all of that. If that makes me a horrible sister, so be it. I don’t need no stinkin’ wedding drama!
  • I’m on yet another new med to try to fix my 14-year-long sleep issue. The theory is, if I manage to get good sleep, my depression and relentless fatigue should go away, or at least be minimized. Sounds like a dream! The med is actually for hypertension, which I don’t even come close to having, so now I have to be careful about my blood pressure dipping too low. It’s also used for PTSD to cut waaaay back on nightmares. I guess that having at least one nightmare every night isn’t normal? Blah. So far I haven’t noticed a reduction in the crazy dreaming. Last night I had an absolutely terrifying nightmare, and I’d be surprised if my screaming in my dream didn’t happen in real life, too. Luckily, it was followed by a really strange but pleasant dream involving Richard Gere (and no hankypanky). I need to watch some schmoopy Richard Gere movies now. *sigh*
  • I have visitors coming this week and it still looks like I’ve been squatting in my apartment. As of last week, I have what essentially amounts to a poolside lounger in my living room, so you can tell I’ve really been classing the place up. ACK.

That’s it for now. Gotta go try to make my apartment presentable…

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