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Weekends neeeeed to be longer!

I’ve been experiencing the Sunday Evening Dread for the past few months. In my K-12 school years, the horrible NFL theme music or the sounds of “60 Minutes” could tie my stomach in knots. In my university days, the Dread hit whenever it wanted to, depending on my schedule. And now it is back, most likely exacerbated by not feeling well at all, even on a good day. The events of last Friday aren’t helping matters. It occurred to me this weekend that having a husband and wife managing two related groups at work is going to make life tricky.


In other news, I slogged through a half marathon today in the hot sun of Washington State. I need to cool it on signing up for 10+ mile races until my health issues get sorted out. So far, my bloodwork results are coming back normal, as usual. Hopefully the half marathon won’t trigger another unbearable bout of can’t-stay-awake exhaustion on top of my current crazy exhaustion. I need a break!

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