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Overpriced shin massage

After a heinously exhausting week, I decided to attempt some “self care.” I put that in quotes because I feel like such a goof using that phrase, and because I’m not really sure how to do this “self care” stuff. Aside from sleeping and playing with the cat, my “self care” is pretty minimal these days.

Enter: the overpriced shin massage!


It’s so stressful to go to a nail place you haven’t been before…which is how all of my pedicures have gone down. (Groupon!) Today’s wasn’t particularly relaxing, either. The girl working on my feet was distracted by everything and didn’t seem to realize that there’s nothing to massage when it comes to shins. It was almost as if she were allergic to touching calves. (Speaking of allergies, some of us get a rash when lanolin contacts our skin. Hypoallergenic lotions, please!) But then she offered to do flowers on my big toes, just as I was lamenting my boring choice of nail color and the fact that my calves were ignored. The flowers are cute, and slightly redeem the pedicure. Barely.

At any rate, my toes are ready for my upcoming relay! Woohoo!

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