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What a difference a year makes

Maybe it’s a symptom of my science education, but my metric of choice for evaluating progress (or lack thereof) is time. Time, time, time. So it’s been exactly a year since I first visited Portland. I’d already decided I was going to move here, sight unseen, job or no job. I received a last-minute invitation for a job interview in the Silicon Forest (Hillsboro) and arrived in Portland to beautiful weather and a clear view of Mount Hood. The interview itself was one of the worst I’ve experienced (let’s just say that the group I interviewed with – minus the manager – was openly hostile toward me), but it got me a free sneak peek of the PNW. And I met Runnerboy (who was charming then) and we had a fantastic time wandering the waterfront and Pearl District. He gave me some homemade berry crisp (with my first taste of marionberries!) for the red-eye flight back to Ohio, and I arrived in Ohio the next morning giddy with excitement.

When I arrived in Portland in October after driving cross-country, I remember how surreal it felt to drive across the Fremont Bridge again, but this time in my own car. I’m not sure when the sensation of living in Oregon switched over from surreal to real – it was sometime very recently. But a year ago, I could not have imagined my life as it is right now. Even with the mopey psychological and physical health issues I continue to wade through, life is pretty stinkin’ great. Today is filled with windows open to a cool breeze in a quiet neighborhood, sleeping in and snuggling with the sweetest cat, good coffee, and an afternoon and evening with wonderful (and my style of silly) friends. Oh happy day, indeed!

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