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Not the mama

It’s good to babysit kids every so often to remind myself that it’s very good that I don’t have children yet.

It’s not that the kids I’m babysitting tonight are poorly behaved. They act like kids who know how to behave. But hearing the five year old use the crass language she’s picked up from her parents? Ugh. I tried repeating back to her what she said to me, but with more age-appropriate language, but if a kid thinks that “piss” and “sucks” are okay words, then that’s what they’re gonna use.

And after watching a few episodes of “Dinosaurs” with the girls tonight, I think I have to give my parents some bonus points for letting me watch (and quote) such terrible television when I was younger. I don’t think I’d let my kids watch much of anything, especially if it had a horribly annoying catchphrase.

I’m not sure how moms who work outside the home manage to come home and keep going full steam ahead. I had a very active, busy day at work, missed lunch, and now, fifteen hours after breakfast, am going to try to put some sort of dinner together for myself. I wish I was home with my own food, though. Oh, Monday.

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