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Sasquatch keeps to the sidewalks

As I drove home from a friend’s house last night, I spotted something sasquatchian prancing down the street. It looked like someone wearing a costume constructed from moppy brown shag carpet, and the yarn bits flopped in unison to the rhythm of its running. As I passed it, I looked back over my shoulder, and it had turned around and started bouncing in the opposite direction on the bridge, never leaving the sidewalk. I was pretty sure I had lost my marbles at that point, and the over-imaginative kid in me was terrified. It didn’t lumber along like it was supposed to, according to all of my childhood Sasquatch studies! I said to myself. It was a person in a costume…out for a jog at 11pm?

I’m pretty much going to avoid that stretch of road for, oh, let’s say forever.

  1. April 20, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    omg this is creepy and HILARIOUS [!!] all at once!! love it! made my day 🙂

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