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Four states, three time zones, two weeks, and one tired girl

May 8, 2013 Leave a comment

I am dragging. In the past two weeks, I’ve spent at least one day in each of the following four states: Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Texas. I was in a friend’s wedding in Ohio, worked and slept in Oregon, completed half marathon #6 (?!) in Washington, and visited a forge shop in middle-of-nowhere East Texas for work.

I’m ready for some time off.

I’m still in Houston as I type this, but should hopefully be back in Oregon just before midnight. Texas is just…different. I was in beautiful country, but the culture felt so foreign. Where else would you find yourself sitting in a meeting when the guy next to you suddenly grabs the styrofoam cup from another guy at the table, holds it under his chin, and lets the brown chewing tobacco sludge just pour from his mouth? That’s just a little distracting. And disturbing.

I sure hope the mental picture of that fades in time (it happened a number of times during the meeting). I’m glad I at least have one pretty picture from the day…