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This momentous occasion

It’s still hot in Oregon…sigh. It’s funny how you can tell who the transplants are around here just by commenting on the heat. New Therapist brought up the topic yesterday, and she immediately said, “Ugh, I hate it!” Spoken like a true Midwesterner! I brought up the topic with the massage therapist I saw this evening, and she immediately said, “Oh, I love it!” Spoken like a native Portlander! I’d be okay with temps no higher than 85. The lack of humidity is nice, but I’m pretty sure the sun is closer to the earth here. Hot is hot.

I discovered that on this day two years ago, I first set foot in Oregon for a whirlwind job interview and first date with Runnerboy. That’s so hard to believe! But here it is, Brewfest weekend again. How am I commemorating the event? By moving to a new apartment, of course! Moving just up the road is rather anticlimactic, but hopefully I’ll be done with smokers in my building and can finally buy some furniture. I’m trying to forget about the view from the west hills of Salem, where while home-hunting I nearly peed my pants with excitement over the hills! With big houses! And views of mountains! So many mountains! And wineries nearby! No one ever says they want to live in Salem, and by and large Salem is a dump. But if my hobbies and social life are going to be limited by my job anyway, what do I care that I’m isolated from civilized culture? MOUNTAINS. And at least West Salem isn’t all redneck like most of Oregon is.

Goodnight moon…and goodbye to my first apartment in Oregon. I sure will miss the forest view and the ability to walk around nekkid without anyone being able to see inside. (I mean really, who wants to sweat it out in clothes when it’s 90+ degrees outside, you live on the third floor with no air conditioning, and you can’t crack a window or screen door because of the human chimneys around you? Nekkid wins!)

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