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Things you know

August 14, 2013 Leave a comment

You know it’s time for a new job when you know you’ll be taking a wet wipe bath at lunchtime. Gah.

It was a humid morning to be standing next to a furnace running at over 1500°F. I knew ahead of time what my morning duties would be, so I packed wet wipes, a hairbrush, and a change of clothes, and went to work in a Casual Friday eligible outfit. I accidentally melted part of my steeltoed boot’s sole. It’s a testament to those boots that I didn’t realize I had my foot up against 1500+°F metal.

Anyway, without getting into details, work is getting miserable again. I’m hoping that non-work stuff settles down enough now so that I can focus some time and energy on finding a happier place to spend 40 hours each week.