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Growing season

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment

So. It wasn’t a particularly exciting weekend, once I got back to Oregon. I considered writing a post about my Friday flights (too eventful!), or the flu I caught while on my business trip (too miserable!), or my reunion with Frank (too cat-lady-like!), or the activities I missed out on this weekend because of said flu (soccer game! snowshoeing! enjoying the nice weather, period!), or the ridiculously enormous glob of ick that emerged from my sinus after using the neti pot this morning (too disgusting!)…but you’ve lucked out.

I have grand plans to keep a little garden on my balcony, and I think I found a pretty good resource to start with. There are a couple of community gardens in my neighborhood that I hope to take part in so I can grow some bigger veggies, but I’d like to get started with some other plants soon. I read that spring is going to come early, due to the mild winter, and I’d rather not dread the onslaught of brand new allergies. Instead, I’ll look forward to experimenting with horticulture, and documenting my progress here.

(Much better than 365 days of navel-gazing.)