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So! Excited!

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Change the sheets

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Well! It’s been an eventful past week-ish. I intended to write a few things in the time that’s elapsed, but someone keeps distracting me.

Meet Frank.

Frank and I found each other last Saturday, when the DMV happened to be closed and a cat shelter happened to be located across the street. I walked into the room where he and a bunch of other cats were hanging out, and when I crouched down to say hello to the cats, he ran over and jumped onto my lap. Then he threw his paws around my waist and hugged me. (He may have also shouted, “MAMA!” when he first saw me. I don’t know.) At any rate, Frank and I have been getting to know each other over the past week, and he’s quite the loverboy. He’s an excellent communicator, too — much better than any guy I’ve ever dated. The photo above is from one of our nightly pillowtalk sessions. Frank + me = 4ever.

You may have also heard about the epic rainstorms we’ve been having here in western Oregon. The part of Portland I used to live in got hit with high elevation snow, then landslides. The part of Oregon where I work flooded like a champ. The part of Oregon where I currently live is just right.

Willamette River, near Corvallis

I headed to Corvallis Friday night to stop by the music store in town and pick up an instrument for Saturday night’s Jam Fest 2012 (Part 1). In true unlucky Caitlin fashion, I got stuck in a traffic jam (Corvallis is in the middle of nowhere, so WTH?!) and an hour later, once I’d nearly reached my destination, I was hit by a 17-year-old. I’ve been driving for how many years? Almost 14? And my two accidents have happened in the span of the last 4 months. Luckily, it wasn’t a bad accident (we were stopped at a red light and she merged into me), and since this girl’s about to lose her license (I’m shocked), her dad is just going to pay for the repairs, no insurance claim necessary, which I appreciate. But still. The silver bullet has to go back into the shop. And the girl repeatedly called me ma’am. I may be about to turn 30, but I’m not ma’am age yet! ARGH.

Somehow I made it to the music shop before it closed, even though the universe seemed to be working against me. Guess what kind of instrument I picked up? Hint: After a few hours of playing it, I think I’m more skilled than I am when playing my acoustic guitar…

And now, for your music-listening pleasure:
Kathleen Edwards – Change the Sheets

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A Night in Tunisia

November 9, 2011 2 comments

Watching the sun set on a crisp fall evening from the comfort of a coffee shop, while listening to Miles Davis’s “A Night in Tunisia”…


I still remember being in middle school and listening to the high school jazz band concert, and they played this song. Gwen, the incredible trumpeter in the band at that time, played this song beautifully, and it instantly became one of my favorite jazz pieces.


Edit: Okay, ten minutes later, they’re now playing Dizzy Gillespie’s version of “A Night in Tunisia.” Do I sense Charlie Parker’s rendition coming up next?

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