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And then things get a tiny bit better

March 26, 2013 Leave a comment

I finally got the assignment at work that I’ve been fighting for since October! The only reason it fell to me is because the coworker who usually does that work is doing a lot of business travel right now, but the circumstances are not important. I’m just happy to be working on something that I find interesting and fun, with minimal micromanaging, and just in time.

I also recently met with a different therapist, one who practices EMDR, and the session was far more dynamic than the majority of the sessions I’ve had with the hippie-woo-woo therapist. I also learned that hypersomnia is a symptom she’s seen in other patients who’ve experienced trauma. I thought there was a link! A fuzzy link, but a link nonetheless. Unfortunately, this new therapist doesn’t have the availability necessary for optimum EMDR treatment, but I like that she was upfront about that. So now I’m being referred to yet another therapist. Fingers crossed it’s a good match. I’m hopeful about this treatment, especially if it can produce a trickle-down effect of alleviating the hypersomnia, gastritis, and spastic colon. Am I not the most fun person on the planet? Gassy, crampy, sleepy, and occasionally weepy for no clear reason. Party animal!

The weather has been pretty darn delightful lately. I’ve embraced the joy of evening strolls, since I don’t fully trust my GI tract to behave itself for an entire run. But here’s hoping that by the end of the summer, my body will be cooperative and I’ll be back to my crazy running self.


Ways to make Monday morning better

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Even though my laptop shows that it’s connected to the Internet, it refuses to acknowledge that Internet connection. It’s okay though, because I can communicate with my coworkers and outside customers via my work Blackberry…except that my Blackberry decided to launch itself into a 2-hour update during which I cannot make or receive calls or access my e-mail.

Maybe I should’ve woken up as if I were on east coast time. At least then I could’ve been troubleshooting this stuff while everyone on the west coast was still asleep.

But – hooray for my iPhone! Still open for business!